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Agrabond (afl)

What is AGRABOND (afl)?
AGRABOND (afl) is a calcium and sodium based alimino-silicate carefully selected and treated with AGRANCO'S proprietary process, creating a very high affinity, tp specifically and effectively adsorb Aflatoxin. AGRABOND (afl) is designed to be used in raw materials and finished feeds for all animal feeds. AGRABOND (afl) is certified by Trilogy Analytical Laboratories in the United States, recognized specialists, in mycotoxin binding anlisis , to be 100% effective in adsorbing Aflatoxin. In multiple cases of mold problems in raw materials and finished feeds, that show material free flow difficulties, after mold develops, its secundary metabolites, such as mycotoxins, among them, Aflatoxin, cause severe harm to the harm to the animals that eat the contaminated feed. When this affected feed is treated with AGRABOND (afl), it adsorb selectively Aflatoxin in a very effective manner by means of a cathionic interchange mechanism, freeing the feed from its harmful effects, and allowing the excretion of the Aflatoxin, without permitting its absorption through the intestinal wall. AGRABOND (afl) 's unique 100% adsorption capacity is guaranteed by its ample surface activity, due to its special particle size (Dry 98% through 325 mesh and wet through 99.0% mesh ).

  • Chemical Analysis
    SiO2- 63.3 %, Al2o3 - 21.4 %, Fe2O3 -3.8 %, k2O- 0.3% MgO- .2%, CaO- 0.7% Na2O- 2.7 %

  • Physical Properties: % Weight passing through mesh 325: 99.9 , Moisture: 7.0 %, Specific Gravity: 2.5 , Particle size: 2.2 microns, Color: light gray, Form: Powder.

  • Use Dossage Doses per MT of feed: Prophylactic 500 grams /TM .Treatment- 1 kg. / TM Aflatoxin adsorption efficacy: 93 %

  • Increase in Potency: The efficacy of AGRABOND (afl) is increased exponentially if the feed contains our product Hydroenzyme. This is due to the hydrolytic effect of Hydroenzime , that expose a greater number of the Aflatoxin links with proteins , carbohydrate, fats and other nutrients, maximizing the AGRABOND (afl ) adsorption capacity.


Specific Gravity 2.5
PH ( 6% ) 9.0
Moisture % 7.0
Cathionic interchange capacity- ME/100 G 105
Lipid compounds absorption- ASTM D 281-31, Lb/100Lb 41.0
Specific surface area 20 SQ M/GR
Density 60.0 LB - PIE 3
LOI 12


Mineral Blend Main component: Silicon Dioxide

SiO2 63.3
Al2O3 21.4
Fe2O3 3.8
MgO 2.0
CaO 0.7
Na2O 2.7
K2O 0.3

DOSIS- PROPHYLACTIC : 1 Kilo Per Mt of feed.
AGRABOND (afl) - Performance evaluatíon of chícken intoxicated with aflatoxins and subjected to different concentrations of agrabond (afl) in díet
Prof. Carlos Augusto Mallmann - Prof. Juarez Morbini Lopes

Certified aflatoxin adsorption capacity : 93% to 98% by:

111 West Fourth Street,
Washington, Mo. 63090
Tel (636) 239-1521

Absorbant analysis challenge: 1 PPM.

94% A 98 % EFECTIVE" IN VIVO", in chicken aflatoxins adsorption

Universidad Federal de Santa .María
Sta. María - Río Grande Do Sul - Brasil