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Agracid S
Micro-encapsulated Organic Acids And Essential Oils.

What is AGRACID S?

AGRACID - S is a concentrated form of organic acids premix and natural aromatic substances, protected in a special matrix of fatty acids, for its utilization as an intestinal modulator in poultry feeds.

Agracid S

Mode of action

Under its “Patent Pending” manufacturing process, has a triple effect mechanism of action: Quick release of dissociated acids in the stomach of the animal, slowly and controlled release of the organic acids in the intestinal tract in a NON – Dissociated from , reducing drastically enteric improving the zootechnic problems and antibacterial action directly in the feed upon contact.This technology, developed by AGRANCO, is known as C.S.R.T. (Coating Sustained Released Technology), Patent Pending. Simultaneous treatment of stomach, GIT and feed.

Rate of application

Piglets: 700 gr / MT of feed.
Starters 600 gr / MT of feed.
Breeder pigs 600 gr/ MT of feed.

AGRACID Characteristics:

Color: Micro-pearls White.
Odor: Characteristic
Granulometry: 500-1,000 microns.
pH: 1.5 (+)(-) 0.5


Nutritional supplement

Packaging and storage

25 kg poly-ethylene bags in export carton boxes or 1,000 kg bulk bags. Store in dry area, under roof at ambient temperature away from sunlight.


-Improvement of intestinal health.
-Effective alternative to antibiotics and growth promoters.

All ingredients approved by (FDA) under American Association of Feed Control Officials under Official (AAFCO) No. 57.150. Publication: 1,998.


An Advancement in Micro-encapsulated Organic Acids and Essential Oils
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