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Avian Plus


What is Avian plus®?

Avian plus ® is a blend of beneficial bacteria ( probiotics) specially directed to combat viral and bacteria infection at the  gastro-intestinal level. The probiotics in Avian plus have demonstrated efficacy in helping the animal meet the challenges against acute entero-bateria and virus, including avian influenza virus, ON BIRDS.

Scientific Background and Mode of  Action

Recent report on scientific studies from Korea where viral avian influenza infected birds were fed fermented cabbage, showed 80% recuperation of the afflicted birds. It is believed that the lactobacillus in the fermented cabbage were effective in stimulating the animals immune system to stop the infection. Other university studies have demonstrated  similar efficacy against viral avian  influenza by the stimulation of the animal immune system ( International Journal of Poultry Science 4 (10): 777-780.2005 , ISSN 1682-8356- Asian network of Scientific Information).

In addition, there is good reason to believe that the lactic acid produced by these probiotics in the animal gut reacts with the virus protein coating and with the in virus internal components,  interfering with the virus ability to replicate. This, coupled by the animal’s immune system activation , results in the eventual elimination of the viral infection.

Mode of application

Avian plus ® is administered via the animal feed.  It can be pelletized at normal standard pelleting  conditions . The loss due to pelleting is approximately 30 %. However, the  probiotics will quickly reproduce in the animal gut with practically neglible loss. Avian plus ® is applied as a preventive treatment.

Composition of active ingredients

Lactobacillus acidophilus:                                         90,000,000 CFU / KG
Bifidobacterium longum:                                           90,000,000 CFU / KG
Bifidobacterium thermophilum:                                90,000,000 CFU / KG
Enteroccus faecium:                                                    90,000,000 CFU / KG
Lactobacillus plantarium:                                        400,000,000 CFU /  KG

Rate of inclusion
      In poultry broilers , layers and breeders:

  1. 100 grams per MT of feed from day 7th to day 17th of the cycle or at the disretion of the veterinarian in charged.

      20 kg poly-bags in carton boxes.

Micro-encapsulation and manufacturing method

The probiotics in Avian plus ® are micro-encapsulated and said encapsulation responds to intestinal tract temperature , allowing their liberation in the intended zones of activity and proliferation. Avian plus is a product manufactured under the NON-GMO  method.

                                      All ingredients in Avian plus ® are approved by FDA through 
                                         AAFCO (American Association  of Feed Control Officials)