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Blend of Natural Antibodies and Probiotics for Swine and Bovine feeds.

What is Biofeed?
Biofeed ® is a blend of beneficial bacteria and antibodies of natural origen extracted from dehydrataed eggs for swine and bovine animals ; both, designed to provide the animals with adequate microflora and host specific antibodies against predominant pathogens in each specie. Biofeed is available for both, swine and bovine species

Mode of Action
Today's most modern technology in immunology allow the production of host specific antibodies at prescribed levels of titer designed to combat important predominant pathogens that invade the digestive tract of young animals. These antibodies can be blended and orally administered to insure that each animal receive the prescribed dossage needed. In new born animals , these antibodies are assimilated by the animal , immediately creating a passive immunity . In older animals , the antibodies displace the pathogens in the intestinal tract, resulting in the expulsión of these pathogens to the outside via the excrement. Generally, animals need a minimum quantity of beneficial bacteria ( microflora ) , to absorb nutrients in the intestinal tract and to produce substances needed in normal digestión and in the protection of the animal against predominant pathogens.

Normally, when pathogens enter the digestive tract, they tend to compete against microflora in occupying internal intestinal surface. (Competitive Exclusión). This create an imbalance in the intestinal microflora, reducing the presence of lactic acid producing bacteria. In this situation, the beneficial bacteria ( microflora ) have been replaced by prodominant pathogens, resulting in animal infection.

The components in Biofeed® provide the animal with both, beneficial bacteria needed to maintain a normally balanced microflora and an adequate concentration of natural antibodies, against predominant pathogens . These antibodies attach to the outer membrane of predominant pathogens , in turn preventing these pathogens , from attaching to corresponding intestinal receptors located at the surface of the inner intestinal wall of the animals. Antibodies, also prevent the reproduction of these pathogens. Ultimately, these pathogens are inhibited and expelled to the outside, thus preventing animal disease.

Method of Application
Biofeed® can be administered both, as a preventive and therapeutic treatment. Providing probiotics only to the animal, almost always, result in the infection returning in 48 hours. However, when spesific antibodies are also provided as in Biofeed ® , a complete elimination of the infection is assured.


BIOFEED ® Swine : E.Coli k88 , E.Coli K99 , E.Coli K987p , E.Coli F-18 . Porcine Rotavirus
BIOFEED ® Bovine: E.Colik99 , Bovine Rotavirus Type 6 and type 10, Bovine Corona Virus, Salmonella Dublín, Salmonella Thyphimorium
For Both: Probiotics ( Host Specific ) : Lactobacillus Acidophylus, Bifedobacterium Longhum, Bifedobacterium Thermophylum, Streptococcus Faecium.

Rates of application

BIOFEED ® Swine (paste) with VIT-EXPRESS
- In new born pigglets: 3 grams (once) per animal at birth. ( In paste form ).
- In growing pigs with diarreah: 15 grams per application, every 6 to 8 hours , as hended.
- In pregnant and lactating mothers: HYDROENZIME - 100 grams. per MT of feed.

BIOFEED ® Swine ( powder)
-In swine after weaning: 70 to 100 grams per MT of feed during 8 days after weaning, thereafter: HYDROENZIME - 100 grams/MT -Pregnant and lacting mothers: HYDROENZIME - 100GRAMS / MT of feed.

BIOFEED ® Bovine ( powder)
- In newbone calves: : At arrival: 5 grams as son as possible as a drench. Mix 5 grams of BIOFEED in 20 cc of water.
* From day 1 to day 3 ( Inclusive): 1,5 grams per calf per feeding in the milk.
* From day 4 to day 15: 0.75 grams per calf per feeding in the milk. The criteria is to use this level until the calf is past the scouring stage and onto a good start.
From day 16 to weaning: 0.2 grams per calf in the AM feeding. Sick o scouring calves usually respond well with a additional 5 grsms per day for 2-3 days. This can be given in the milk or as a drench.

All ingredients in BIOFEED are approved by FDA under the AFCO PUBLICATION 1,998 ( AMERICAN FEED CONTROL OFFICIALS ) Page 204 to page 215.