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Natural and Ecological Insecticide

What is BUGCLEAN™ and what is its mode of action?
BUGCLEAN™ is an odorless and colorless powder, composed predominantly of diatomaceous earth, that has been processed with AGRANCO'S proprietary process to increase to its maximum , its pesticide properties. It controls insects very economically in grain conservation processes providing protection during 12 months. BUGCLEAN™ controls insects mechanically; it is NON-TOXIC , NON- POISONOUS and NON-CONTAMINATING to the environment. BUGCLEAN™ absorb the naturally occurring oils and waxes in insects, causing their dehydration and death .

Unique properties of BUGCLEAN™
Insects have great adaptability in responding to chemical agents contained in insecticides resulting in insecticide products of ever greater chemical concentrations.. For example, Malathion, in the USA and other countries has limited uses as an insecticide for stored grain because insects have been adapting in the course of time and have developed a resistance to it. In the USA the most harmful insects have developed a resistance to Malathion. The practice of incrementing dosages. However , in the long term, this practice is harmful because the levels reached leave toxic residues , poisonous and contaminating to animal and human foodstuffs.

  • BUGCLEAN control species that are resistant to chemical insecticides, because its mode of action does not allow resistance development.
  • BUGCLEAN does not leave any residues in treated grain and maintains protection for 12 months.
  • BUGCLEAN active ingredients are approved by EPA and FDA for human consumption.
  • BUGCLEAN is highly effective in conserving wheat , corn , sorghum, soybean, barley, oats, rice, beans, coffee, nuts, seeds, meals, etc.
  • BUGCLEAN maintains silos, storages, industrial and food processing installations, insect free, once its internal surfaces and walls have been treated with the product.

Composition and Specifications
Diatomaceous earth CAS NO. 61790-53-2 , Gelatine Silica CAS No. 112926-00-8, Cuarzo CAS No.14808-60-7, Cristobalite CAS NO. 14464-46-1. Chemical formula - Mezcla . Chemical family - Blend.

Places, dosages and mode of application of BUGCLEAN™

Pre-harvest Sanitization - Treatment of structures for long protection.

  • In powder form, It is recommended for large grain silos and storage houses. It is applied by using powder blowers and applying it directly to the surface at a rate of 2 grams / cubic meter.
  • In liquid form, it is beldned in water in a suspension ( will not dissolve), at a rate of 120 grams / liter of suspension. It is applied with a common sprayer at a rate of 6 grams per cubic meter., starting from top to bottom, avoiding running it down..
  • Harvesters and other field equipment - Apply a jet of powder at the grain discharge points until powder emerges at the opposite end. Rate of application- 2.5 kg. Of BUGCLEAN.

Treatment of grain silos - Before storing the grain, treat the inner walls of the silo with a BUGCLEAN suspension as indicated above. Once the grain has been stored in the silo, BUGCLEAN should be treated at the top surface creating a 12 inch (300mm), at a rate of 1 kg / MT of grain. The top surface should be leveled and the grain should later be aireated to prevent moisture migration.

Treatment of infected grain - When stored grain is infected, treat the top surface as indicated above, and fumigate with phosphine very 3 months. In this case use BUGCLEAN at a rate of 100 grams/square meter of grain top surface.

Treatment of small installations - When grain is stored in bags , grain is treated at a rate of 1 gram per kilogram of grain , before bagging.

Efficacy and types of insects
BUGCLEAN is effective against all insects that have wax and oils under its cuticle.

Safety precautions
Eyes - wash with plenty of water.
Skin - Remover contaminated clothing and wash with water and soap.
Ingestion - Drink two glasses of water and contact a physician.
Inhalation - Expose person to open air. Non-flammable and Non-explosive.
Spills - remove with aspirator and water.
Handling - Use powder face mask for eyes and breathing. Inhale to a minimum. Use gloves. Stable Non- reactive, Non- irritant, Non contaminant, Non- toxic, Non-poisonous, Non- hazardous.

Cost of treatment per metric ton of grain:
In order to obtain a 12 months protection, it is necessary to apply a top layer of 30 cm at 1 kg per MT, beginning with the first grain introduced in the silo, as well as the last grain, making a “sandwich”. Also prior to introducing the grain into the silo, the inner walls of the silo should be treated with BUGCLEAN either in powder or with a suspension. In powder form: apply with a powder blower at a rate of 2 grams / square meter. In suspension form, mix 120 grams of BUGCLEAN with per liter of water and spray into the walls at a rate of 6 grams of suspension per square meter of surface.

The following table indicate the quantities of BUGCLEAN to be used in the protective “sandwich” , top and bottom 30 cm layers, to the inner silo walls and also including the quantities added to the conveyors and other grain transporting equipment.

Silo Dia- meter Silo Height Capacity in metric tons Kgs Bugclean Grams Bugclean per ton grain Grams Applica tion walls /conyrs Total grams Bugclean per ton grain
5.0 3.5 53 9.0 171.4 132 174
5.0 4.3 64 9.0 141.2 160 144
5.0 5.0 75 9.0 120.0 188 123
7.5 5.3 177 20.3 114.3 297 116
7.5 6.4 215 20.3 94.1 360 96
7.5 7.5 253 20.3 80.0 424 82
10.0 7.0 421 36.0 85.7 528 87
10.0 8.5 511 36.0 70.6 641 72
10.0 10.0 601 36.0 60.0 754 61
12.5 8.8 821 56.3 68.6 825 70
12.5 10.6 997 56.3 56.5 1,001 57
12.5 12.5 1,173 56.3 48.0 1,178 49
15.0 10.5 1,419 81.1 57.1 1,188 58
15.0 12.8 1,724 81.1 47.1 1,442 48
15.0 15.0 2,028 81.1 40.0 1,696 41
17.5 12.3 2,254 110.4 49.0 1,616 50
17.5 14.9 2,737 110.4 40.3 1,963 41
17.5 17.5 3,220 110.4 34.3 2,309 35
20.0 14.0 3,365 144.2 42.9 2,111 43
20.0 17.0 4,086 144.2 35.3 2,564 36
20.0 20.0 4,807 144.2 30.0 3,016 31


Comparative BUGCLEAN treatment cost with conventional insecticides

Product cc/ton $/1t $/ton
ACTELLIC 50 CE (Pirimiphos Methyl) 20* 22 0.44
AMBUSH 50 CE (Perimetrine) 4 55 0.22
* Per corresponding MSDS      


ChemicaL composition: Blend of various grades of Silica :CAS No. 61790-53-2, CAS No.14464-46-1, CAS No. 14808-60-7 and 112926-00-8
Chemical family: MIXTURE
FDA Approval for human consumption as per recommendations covered under Calacium Silicate: 21CFR172.480 (G.R.A.S.)

Exposure Limit
CAS NO. 61790-53-2 > 90% W/W respirable dust (OSHA) :1.5 mg/m3 (exp. Limit)
    Total dust. :4.6 mg/ m3
CAS NO.112926-00-8........... .> 10 % W/W   :10 mg/m3

BUGCLEAN is an iff-white colred powder, not toxic to humans when used correctly under manufacturer´recommendations. It prcatically harmless when swalloed., however, safety precautions should be taken to prevent unnecessary and continuos inhalation. Prolonged exposure to the dust may cause mild eye irritation and irritation to susceptible skin.

PRIMARY ROUTE OF ENTRY: Inhalation. EYES: may cause mild irritation

BUGCLEAN is exempt from UN Numbers- None Assigned. Hazchem Code: Exempt, Codees International: Exempt, Poison Schedule: No listing.

EYES: Flush with plenty of water. contact a physician if persistant irritation. SKIN: Remove contaminated clothing and wash affected areas with soap and water. INGESTIÓN: Remove person to fresh air.

BUGCLEAN is non-flammable solid with no explosion hazards.

Spilled or leaked material is to be removed with vaccum cleaner into a container for disposal. Wash residues with water.

Storage in clean and dry place in original bags. Minimize inhalation. Use a dust mask and goggles when prolonged exposure to dust is necessary.

EYE/FACE protection: Safety galsses. SKIN PROTECTION: None. If desired, wear overalls. RESPIRATORY: Dust mask.

APPEARANCE: White to offwhite.
DENSITY: 15 lbs. / cubic foot.
SOLUBILITY: Insoluble in water.
PARTICLE SIZE: 7 to 20 microns.
POLYMERIZATION: will not occur.
TOXICITY: Mild to none.
SKIN EFFECT: Non-irritating . Negligible absorption.

This is a natural product , already present naturally in nature. It does not polute streams, lakes nor the general environment.

Packed in polylined bags, tripple Kraft paper , 25 kg bags

Hazardous substance: NO

EPA lists components as deregulated without indication of future regulation

PREPARED BY: Agranco Corp. (USA)
AGRANCO CORP.(USA) provides the above information in good faith without expressed or implied warranty and is not liable for use of this product outside its recommendations.