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For Poultry and Swine feeds


PERFORM MAX is a very refined clay, totally free of sand, that is obtained starting from micronized clay in order to obtain an extra fine powder , without impurities,. It is sun-dried , not oven dried , in order to preserve its maximum adsorption capacity. PERFORM MAX is intended for the regulation of micro-flora , the control of entero-pathogens and the reduction of endo-toxins in the digestive tract of poultry and swine.

Mode of Action

PERFORM MAX prevents the proliferation of entero-pathogens , re-enforcing the organism defenses until producing a general re-vitalization, reducing considerably the toxicity of harmful substances, such as endo-toxins that are produced by entero-pathogens. The power of PERFORM MAX can only be explained as a powerful stimulating agent that transforms and modulates the microbiology of the micro-flora in the animal digestive tract.

Rate of Inclusion

Swine and Poultry : 50 Grams / MT of Feed

Specifications of PERFORM MAX

ANALYSIS – 59.5 % , MgO – 27.5% , Na2O – 3.6% , Loss in Ignition- 9.4% .
DENSITY – 0.897 gm / cubic cm. APPEARANCE- White , very refined and free flowing powder.

Application of PERFORM MAX

It is employed as a an additive in animal feeds for poultry and swine for the regulation of micro-flora , the control of entero-pathogens and the reduction of endo-toxins produced in the digestive tract.

Storage and Packaging

Packaging - 50 grams sealed aluminum pouches in carton boxes (50 ea./ Box) . 20 Kg poly-bags in carton boxes. Store inside, under roof , away from sunlight. Shelf life - approximately 3 years.

Advantages in using PERFORM-MAX

- Natural form for the control of disease caused by entero-pathogens from feed or drinking water,
in the digestive tract without affecting micro-flora.
- Reduction of antibiotics and growth promoter in formulation.
- Elimination of the use of organic acids and bactericides in feeds.

Benefits in the use of PERFORM MAX

- Prevents the proliferation of entero-bacteria in the digestive tract.
- Drains impurities from tissues , retains all types of liquids and absorbs ammonia at intestinal level.
- Allows for the fixation and for the neutralization of endo-toxins and alkaloids.
- Absorbs the impurities in liquid suspension of the digesta that are to be drained and eliminated.
- Powerful stimulating agent that transforms and modulates the intestinal micro-biology

All ingredients are FDA approved under AAFCO- American Association of Feed Ingredients
Control Officials.

Effect of the Administration of Immunox and Perform Max to Poultry Feed on the productivity Idexes in Broilers