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As aquaculture farming increases at exponential rates and practices shift to improving sustainability, 
supporting the overall health, productivity and growth of the fish and shrimp is key.  Let our team help you with:

  • Gut health management

  • Enzyme management

  • Mycotoxin management

  • Feed efficiency

  • Antibiotic and growth promoter alternatives

  • Biowaste management

  • Pond floor management

Aquaculture Products

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    Oxynova® for Aquaculture

    Enzyme & Probiotic Blends

    Oxynova® for Aquaculture is a highly concentrated powder formulated of high-grade beneficial bacteria, enzymes, and probiotics combined with organic catalysts formulated to rapidly metabolize organic matter and reduce byproducts in aquaculture tanks, ponds and pools.

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    Enzyme & Probiotic Blends

    Aquaplus is a blend of beneficial bacteria specially designed to help combat viral and bacteria infection at the gastro-intestinal level.

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    Enzyme & Probiotic Blends

    Hydroyeast is a powder blend of live active yeast, enzymes, probiotics, and fructooligosaccharides (b-glucans and mannan) specially designed for shrimp, fish and poultry rations to improve feed efficiency.

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    Vitacid CQ10


    Vitacid CQ10 is a concentrated blend of organic acids, essential oils, copper sulphate, vitamin C and coenzyme CQ10, microencapsulated for use as an additive in poultry, swine and aquaculture feeds to reduce the challenges of parasites, enterobacteria, and mold.

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    Agrabond Fuzion

    Mycotoxin Adsorbent

    Agrabond Fuzion is an innovative polymodal formulation containing plant compounds, yeast extracts and modified clay for use in the prevention and treatment of mycotoxicosis outbreaks.

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