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We're glad you scanned and are here. From innovative feed additives to Oxynova®, our water quality powerhouse bioremediator, Agranco has solutions for your aquaculture production challenges.

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Agranco Corp. USA ensures pond & tank health, sustainable production & meat quality

As aquaculture farming increases at exponential rates and practices shift to improving sustainability, supporting the overall health, productivity and growth of the fish and shrimp is key. We offer a variety of natural, AAFCO-approved solutions to help you overcome performance-, health-, immunity- and environment-related production challenges.

Solutions for all your needs

Optimal Performance

Optimal Performance solutions are intended for everyday use to boost feed utilization and enhance animal performance and health, seamlessly prioritizing sustainable livestock production, optimizing animal efficiency and reducing environmental impacts.

Immune Support

Immune Support solutions are fast-acting boosters and therapeutic aids intended for use in the presence of early life stressors or when production- based challenges result in immunosuppression from diseases and other health-related factors.

Optimal Health

Optimal Health solutions are intended for essential preventative measures ensuring consistent animal health, behavior, and performance from a number of livestock production that are inevitable over time.

Environment Restoration

Environment Restoration solutions are intended for routine use to accelerate the decomposition process and reduce toxic byproducts of waste across multiple industrial sectors, from wastewater treatment to livestock and production waste, ultimately improving habitability.

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