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Environmental Bioremediation

A Growing Need

Eutrophication, often caused by human water pollution, is the concentrated increase of phosphorus, nitrogen and other plant nutrients in an aging aquatic ecosystem, such as a lake, reducing the dissolved oxygen. High concentrations of algae and microscopic organisms typically develop on the surface, blocking light penetration and oxygen absorption necessary for underwater life. It is one of the most common water-quality management problems of lakes and reservoirs all over the world.

It’s estimated the following breakdown of lakes are eutrophic:


in Asia


in Europe


in North America


in South America


in Africa

Petroleum is one of the most utilized energy resources and a central raw material of the chemical industry. Oil spills during exploration, transportation, and refining, can cause some environmental problems to soil and groundwater. Used and abandoned sites contain soils contaminated by petroleum hydrocarbons as a result of spills and leaks during the years of industrial activities at the site. 


of spills reached
the soil


of spills entered surface water

* Of the 457 spills studied by the EPA from 2006-2012

What is Oxynova  ?


Oxynova® is a highly concentrated powder comprised of high-grade beneficial bacteria, enzymes, and probiotics combined with organic catalysts to break down organic matter. Oxynova is a dynamic product with a wide variety of cost-saving and labor-reducing applications in environmental bioremediation.

Oxynova® Benefits

Interrupts the anaerobic process, preventing the production of toxic gases like ammonia, methane and hydrogen sulfide

Rapidly degrades total petroleum hydrocarbons to their simplest form at an accelerated rate

Breaks down the nutrient source for algae and increase oxygen

Significantly reduces or eliminates foul odors quickly

Petroleum Case Study


reduction in total
petroleum hycrocarbons*


savings in
remediation time**

* Colombia in vivo trial with Ecopetrol
** Venezuela in vivo trial. Typical bioremediation length: 8-9 months; with Oxynova
® about 75 days.

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