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 Product Lines

Design | AgrablendTM

Enzyme Probiotic Blends

We formulate our enzyme and probiotic blends for true compatibility with the animal, creating combinations of additives designed for maximum synergistic effect. Using specially selected strains with a high degree of purity and powerful hydrolyzing effects, our host-specific products enhance the animal’s digestion and maximize the availability of the feed nutrients, improving animal survival rates and producing measurable results.

Technology | AgratechnicalTM

Unlike the typical core microencapsulation, which tends to burst during pelletization and lose nutrients earlier in digestion, our Controlled Sustained Release Technology™ (CSRT) utilizes a unique lipid-matrix microencapsulation of active ingredients that maintains actives intact. From organic acids and essential oils to refined minerals and antioxidants, our food-grade CSRT line allows for maximized nutrient absorption where intended in the gut, minimizing nutrient loss and nutrition-related environmental issues.

Quality | AgrasorbTM
Mycotoxin Adsorbent

Using premium refined clays, probiotics and a proprietary blend of detoxifying herbs, our line of mycotoxin adsorbents has a high adsorption capacity that is not easily undone. With specific binding properties that target the common challengers like aflatoxin, fumonisin, zearalenone and deoxynivalenol (DON), our mycotoxin adsorbents are safe and of the highest quality.

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