Agrabond ZEA
Mycotoxin Adsorbent

<p class="p1">Agrabond ZEA is a calcium- and sodium-based mycotoxin binder carefully selected to create a high affinity for effective adsorption of polar and non-polar toxins, including aflatoxin, fusarium and zearalenone. Agrabond ZEA is designed to be used in raw materials and finished feeds for poultry, swine and cattle.</p>


  • Known to protect animals against a wide range of mycotoxins

  • Known to increase feed conversion ratios, saving costs

  • Certified to be over 97% effective in adsorbing a number of polar and non-polar toxins by several leading laboratories in mycotoxin binding analyses

  • Certified to be 98.5% effective in aflatoxin adsorption

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