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Allbond Advanced™
Mycotoxin Adsorbent

Allbond Advanced™ is one of Agranco’s most advanced Agrasorb™ solutions. Consisting of a proprietary blend of organoclay that has been specifically modified to ensure ample surface activity. Recommended as a natural anti-caking agent with high affinity for effective adsorption in raw materials and finished feeds for all classes of livestock species.


  • Agranco’s most advanced Agrasorb; high binding percentage of polar and nonpolar mycotoxins

  • Known to protect animals against a wide range of mycotoxins

  • Low inclusion rate with a high efficacy

  • Recommended for extreme mycotoxin challenges, or harder to bind nonpolar contaminated feeds

  • Reduces concern of mycotoxicosis in all livestock species

  • Designed for all animal feeds; can be incorporated in raw materials and finished feeds

  • Can be used alongside other dietary supplements and micronutrients

  • Supports intestine stability

  • Proprietary modified to bind with both polar and nonpolar mycotoxins to ensure feed intake, performance, and health is not compromised in the presence of contamination

  • Increases intestinal health

  • Improves yield

  • Reduces mycotoxin presence in the meat, milk and eggs produced by the animal

  • Does not inhibit or interfere with the animals’ absorption of vitamins and other nutrients

  • Improves survival rates

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