Enzyme & Probiotic Blends

Hydroyeast is a powder blend of live active yeast, enzymes, probiotics, and fructooligosaccharides (b-glucans and mannan) specially designed for shrimp, fish and poultry rations to improve feed efficiency.


  • Study shows enhanced physiological responses and reproductive performance in tilapia

  • Known to increase feed efficiency, improving FCR

  • Can increase volume and production quality

  • Known to reduce negative impact of feed in the system

  • All the ingredients in Hydroyeast are Generally Recognized as Safe by AAFCO

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Agrabond Fuzion is an innovative polymodal formulation containing plant compounds, yeast extracts and modified clay for use in the prevention and treatment of mycotoxicosis outbreaks.

Vitacid CQ10 is a concentrated blend of organic acids, essential oils, copper sulphate, vitamin C and coenzyme CQ10, microencapsulated for use as an additive in poultry, swine and aquaculture feeds to reduce the challenges of parasites, enterobacteria, and mold.

Oxynova® for Aquaculture is a highly concentrated powder formulated of high-grade beneficial bacteria, enzymes, and probiotics formulated to rapidly metabolize organic matter and reduce byproducts in aquaculture tanks, ponds and pools.

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