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Enzyme & Probiotic Blends

Nutriplex-W™ is a carefully selected and cultivated, completely water-soluble blend of species-specific microencapsulated probiotics, live active yeast, enzymes, and prebiotics that is infused with oregano essential oil. Recommended to naturally support optimal performance and overall animal health via drinking water, Nutriplex-W is intended for use in all classes of avian species.

As part of the Agrablend™ line, Nutriplex-W™ contains a source of live, viable naturally occurring microorganisms.


  • Offers ease of application, designed specifically to be supplemented through poultry drinking water

  • Known to dissolve rapidly in solution and not clog drinker lines

  • Known to maintain proper gut health and influence critical functions of the GIT to offer optimal direct and indirect benefits on an array of bird health and performance factors, resulting in increased gain, efficiency, & survivability

  • Known to improve feed efficiency, reducing environmental strains and promoting sustainable use of natural resources

  • Known to reduce fecal ammonia & nitrogen, improving barn health and animal welfare

  • Known to promote bioavailability & absorption of essential nutrients improving overall growth and production

  • Known to reduce mortality and stabilize production though pathogen and stress control

  • Known to reduce non-productive days though stress management

  • Microencapsulated probiotics for optimum stability

  • Natural, safe, and effective – allowing for use alongside other supplementations. All the ingredients in Nutriplex-W™ are Generally Recognized as Safe by AAFCO

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