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Enzyme & Probiotic Blends

Optiboost™ is a carefully selected and cultivated blended paste of species-specific probiotics, emulsified vitamins, and dried egg solids, recommended to naturally support immune and intestinal health for all classes of ruminant species.

As part of the Agrablend™ line, Optiboost™ contains a source of live, viable naturally occurring microorganisms.


  • Known to promote early intestinal development in calves, lambs, & kids

  • Early, short-term use the first few days of life, results in long term improvements in health, mortality, efficiency, & growth

  • Known to stimulate antibody response through naturally derived sources and promotes vaccination protocols through an enhanced immunity response

  • Can be used as therapeutic aid for adult ruminants to restart the immune system, reduce pathogen load, and get production back on track

  • Known to promote fecal health and reduce diarrhea challenges

  • Natural, safe, and effective – allowing for use alongside other supplementations

  • Easy administration applicator tube: Best for single animal administration when whole barn health is not compromised or when supplementing additives into daily ration is not available

  • All the ingredients in Optiboost™ are Generally Recognized as Safe by AAFCO

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