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Oxynova® for Aquaculture
Enzyme & Probiotic Blends

Oxynova® for Aquaculture is a highly concentrated powder formulated of high-grade beneficial bacteria, enzymes, and probiotics formulated to rapidly metabolize organic matter and reduce byproducts in tanks, ponds and pools.

Oxynova® is a dynamic product with a wide variety of cost-saving and labor-reducing applications in aquaculture. Oxynova®: Restoring Nature's Balance™.


  • Helps transform organic matter in aquaculture tank/pond floor and water from anaerobic to aerobic, improving the oxidation-reduction potential

  • Helps stabilize physical-chemical parameters in pond floor, such as: oxygen, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, pH

  • Minimizes foul odors

  • Promotes the development of beneficial microorganisms

  • Known to help decrease pathogenic bacteria through competitive exclusion

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