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Oxynova® for Farm Operations
Enzyme & Probiotic Blends

Oxynova® for Livestock Production & Farm Operations is a highly concentrated powder comprised of high-grade beneficial bacteria, enzymes, and probiotics formulated to break down organic matter.

Oxynova® is a dynamic product with a wide variety of cost-saving and labor-reducing applications in farming and zootechnics. Oxynova®: Restoring Nature's Balance™.


  • Increases the quality of poultry beds and extends the life of the beds: can be reused with the same treatment 5-6 times

  • Reduces burning on poultry feet and breast because of significant reduction in ammonia levels

  • Significantly reduces ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and other odor-producing toxic gases, which decreases respiratory issues and helps improve the animals' immunity

  • Breaks down and reduces total solids (suspended solids & dissolved solids)

  • Breaks down the organic matter in manure at an accelerated rate

  • Extends the flush cycle of slurry pits, saving time and costs with manual labor

  • Extends the life of the biodigester by providing the biological cleaning of the bed

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