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Enzyme & Probiotic Blends

Phytex™ is a carefully selected and cultivated blend of enzymes and live active yeasts that is infused with oregano essential oil. Recommended to naturally support optimal performance through enhanced feed utilization, Phytex is intended for use in all classes of avian and ruminant species.

As part of the Agrablend™ line, Phytex™ contains a source of live, viable naturally occurring microorganisms.


  • Known to promote digestion & absorption of essential nutrients that may otherwise be passed through the digestive system and wasted

  • Known to decrease manure yields & promotes a healthy environment

  • Known to naturally improve feed efficiency

  • Known to increase digestibility and enhance feed nutrient value

  • Known to speed up digestion reactions and motivate passage rate

  • Known to increase the bioavailability of nutrients for absorption

  • Known to reduces the need for the addition of expensive nutrient supplements such as phosphorus

  • Known to allow for a more efficient use of feedstuffs known to be low in digestibility which encourages environmental sustainability

  • Natural, safe, and effective – allowing for use alongside other supplementations; all the ingredients in Phytex™ are Generally Recognized as Safe by AAFCO

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