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Enzyme & Probiotic Blends

Supramune™ is a carefully selected and cultivated blend of species-specific microencapsulated probiotics, antibodies of natural origin extracted from dehydrated egg, vitamins, and prebiotics that is infused with oregano essential oil. Recommended to naturally
provide immune support for all classes of ruminants, porcine, and aquaculture species.

As part of the Agrablend™ line, Supramune™ contains a source of live, viable naturally occurring microorganisms.


  • Known to promote early intestinal development

  • Early, short-term use the first few days of life, results in long term improvements in health, survivability, feed efficiency & gain

  • Known to stimulate antibody response through naturally derived sources and promotes vaccination protocols through an enhanced immunity response

  • Can be used as therapeutic aid for adult animals to restart the immune system, reduce pathogen load, and get production back on track

  • Known to promote fecal health and reduce diarrhea challenges

  • Microcencapsulated probiotics for optimum stability

  • Natural, safe and effective – allowing for use alongside other supplementations

  • All the ingredients in Supramune™ are Generally Recognized as Safe by AAFCO

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