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Vitacid CQ10™

Vitacid CQ10™ is a highly concentrated blend of organic acids, essential oils, natural vitamin C, and coenzyme Q10 for use as an additive in aquaculture, poultry and swine feeds to reduce the challenges of oxidative stress, parasites, enterobacteria and environmental pressure to stimulate the immune system and promote efficient growth.


  • Known to notably improve cellular function and organ health, increasing resistance to oxidative stress, production stressors, non-productive days, water oxygenation challenges and xenobiotics (aquaculture), heat stress, ascites, growth and efficiency losses (poultry), heat stress and porcine stress syndrom (PSS) (swine)

  • Known to notably improve immune function and gut health with increased resistance to pathogen pressure, optimized GIT pH levels and improved epithelial health

  • Known to decrease mortality, increase yield and efficiency, ultimately improving performance and final product quality

  • A natural and effective alternative to antibiotics and growth promoters

  • All the ingredients in Vitacid CQ10 are Generally Recognized as Safe by AAFCO

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